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Ed DeGenaro (US)

Ed DeGenaro is a fusion guitarist whose unique mix of bebop and metal sounds, along with a whole lot of the DeGenaro personality, collectively called the  “Nude Guitars” sound, has been compared to the likes of Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, and Steve Vai.

Ed DeGenaro has been a working musician since age 18. His resume includes David Byron Band, Accept, Hammerhead, Alcatraz, producers David Rosenthal  (Rainbow, Robert Palmer) and Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, Cars), and work on various feature movies, TV commercials and major labels such as EMI, Atco and Atlantic.
As an engineer his resume includes Elliott Sharpe's last release Secular Steel, and the upcoming Henry Kaiser release 156 Strings II.

Ed recently participated in Guitar Player's Guitar Hero 2006 competition and reached the final 10.

After trying out a Rahbek Cos-T at the Frankfurt Musikmesse earlier this year he had to have one! Come back soon for more pictures of Ed playing his Rahbek Cos-T.

Read more about Ed and hear him play here:

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