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Building a handcrafted instrument yourself is a very special thing. You pick the wood planks and the parts based on a notion and a gut feeling. No one can really predict how the finished instrument will “speak” to you, and that´s my drug – I want to get closer to the unmistakable feeling of playing a handmade guitar that ends up playing, looking and feeling exactly like I envisioned it would when choosing the parts and the wood.

That´s why I only build custom orders, small scale. My customers have a vision, too, and that´s what I have to share and understand in order to make their perfect instrument. Then I am not only building it for them, but for myself, too.

Rahbek Guitars is a one-man master luthier operation in the eastern part of Denmark where furniture, porcelain and high-end audio equipment has been designed and manufactured for years.

Precision, beauty and quality is Danish design in a nutshell and my instruments are made using both hand tools and computer software/CNC routing for the cleanest, most precise build that has all the mojo of a handcrafted instrument. I strongly believe that you need the correct tools for all aspects of instrument building, if you want to obtain the highest level of playability, appearance and feel.

It´s not about making it easier – it´s about making it better.

I have been making instruments since 1995, still trying to perfect every little part of what makes a guitar “sing”, especially the main parts like the neck construction and the attachment to the body.

This is the solid foundation of the entire instrument, no matter if you order a heavy relic´d, floyd rose equipped rocker with double humbuckers or a grade 5A flame maple topped thing of beauty with gold hardware and mother-of-pearl inlays.

The customer decides – that´s the overall mindset of Rahbek Guitars. I will do my best to make recommendations based on experience and and guide the customer in his/her quest for the ultimate guitar, but in the end, it´s not a custom shop guitar company unless I build every single instrument according to the specific needs and wishes of the customer.

Basic models


This is our take on the original single cutaway solidbody guitar loved by countryplayers, jazzers and rockers all over the world.


This is our take on the modern allround double-cutaway guitar giving the player lots of pickup combinations and tonal options.


Coming soon…